New Book Due Out In April: 100 Things Every Designer Needs To Know About People: The Book and the Workshop

I’m happy to announce that I’m working on my next book with New Riders. It’s called 100 Things Every Designer Needs To Know About People (sound familiar?!). It will cover similar topics as my series of blog posts have been covering, but it will be in a lot more detail, with descriptions of the research, and lots of examples of how to apply the findings and research in the world of design. I’ll write more I’m sure about the book as I work on the writing of it. I would love to hear from you, the readers of the blog, and in the coming months I’ll figure out some ways for you all to participate. In the meantime, if you have ideas, for instance, topics you would like me to cover, or interesting research I should include, please do drop me a line via the comments here or email me: The book is due out in April of 2011.

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One comment on “New Book Due Out In April: 100 Things Every Designer Needs To Know About People: The Book and the Workshop
  1. Zoltan Gocza says:

    That’s great, can’t wait to read it!

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