A Podcast On Website Content With Colleen Jones

Colleen Jones, author of Clout

Colleen Jones, author of "Clout"

Colleen Jones is the author of Clout: The Art and Science of Influential Web Content. I read Colleen’s book and then invited her to give a talk at a panel I was putting together at the HCI conference in 2011.

Anyone involved in website design and development talks about how important content is, but how much time and energy do we really invest on website content? When you are designing a website it’s easy to get caught up in layout and design standards, and formats. In this podcast with Colleen we talk about what it means to pay attention to content.

You can listen to the podcast by clicking on this link It’s 30 minutes in length.

Topics include:

  • How website content is becoming the main way customers interact with a company.
  • Why it is that content so often gets ignored.
  • Some practical steps you can take to get started on your path of giving content its due in your design process.

Besides writing books like Clout, Colleen is the Principal and Founder of the company Content Science, where she consults and teaches workshops on how to change the role of content in your internet marketing.

What do you think? Is your organization structured so that excellent content for website visitors can be a top priority? How critical do you think this is?

You can reach Colleen through her website, Content Science.

The book is:

Jones, Colleen. 2010. Clout: The Art and Science of Influential Web Content. New Riders.



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2 comments on “A Podcast On Website Content With Colleen Jones
  1. Reihaan says:

    Website content is one of the most important part of the website by which we can get clients if its written professionally, and the interesting stuff is there.
    This article is written nicely, short , to the point due to which i love reading it, and also posting a comment because its written nicely..

  2. Really this article was written very sweet and short and so clear about the importance of website content. “When you are designing a website it’s easy to get caught up in layout and design standards, and formats” its true and must follow this….thanks for your valuable post
    Web Design Chennai

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