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The Brain’s Bonding Chemical: Oxytocin

What makes you feel connected to another person, a team, or even a pet? It’s oxytocin. In this HumanTech podcast episode we talk about the amazing brain chemical that makes you feel loving towards whatever you are with when it gets

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Designing For Everyone: A HumanTech Podcast Interview With Patricia Moore

When she was in her 20s Patricia Moore disguised herself as an 80-year old woman documenting how people, places, and things treat the elderly. She has spent her career since then advocating for universal design. She was a fun and

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How To Create A Habit Forming Product — Guest Nir Eyal

For this HumanTech podcast episode, Nir Eyal joins us for a conversation about how can you develop products that people can’t stop using. Nir takes the research on classical conditioning, operant conditioning, and habits and rolls it all together and then applies

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The Brain Science of Empathy — Guest Paul Zak

We were thrilled to have Paul Zak on this HumanTech podcast episode, and the conversation ranges from research on human attachments, sex with robots, and virtual reality. Your browser does not support the audio element. You may want to check

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Technology in Education

It’s start of the school year time in the US, so we thought we’d do a podcast episode on technology and education. Your browser does not support the audio element. HumanTech is a podcast at the intersection of humans, brain

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The Science of Vacations

Have you ever gone on a vacation and not enjoyed it as much as you thought you would? In this HumanTech podcast episode we talk about the research on vacations and give you some tips for how to get the most

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The Behavioral Science of Elections

What makes for a persuasive campaign and message? In this HumanTech podcast episode we talk about current and past election campaigns, and which persuasive principles work and why. Your browser does not support the audio element. HumanTech is a podcast at

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Would People Rather Give Themselves a Shock Than Sit And Think?

Dr. Timothy Wilson is a social psychologist at the University of Virginia. He joins us in this HumanTech podcast to talk about research on how self-stories affect our behavior, and his new research on the things people are willing to do to

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The Next 100 Things You Need To Know About People: #118 — You Can’t Trust Memories

How accurate are memories? Did you see the movie Inside Out? In the movie memories are stored as round colored balls. And the balls can be retrieved and played back. This seems intuitively right. You think back to when you

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The Next 100 Things You Need To Know About People: #117 — Why People Spend More When They Use A Credit Card

Budget and financial counselors often advise people to withdraw cash each week and use it to pay for daily and weekly expenses rather than putting purchases on a credit card. The theory is that if you see the money leaving

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