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The Buying Brain

Is there anything specific that triggers the “buy” decision? Can you predict whether and when someone will buy? In this HumanTech podcast episode we talk about the research on the “buy” decision in the brain. Your browser does not support

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Will We Trust Driverless Cars?

What will it take for humans to be willing to give up control of the wheel? In this HumanTech podcast episode we talk about how the interaction design of a driverless car affects whether or not we trust the car’s

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Your Brain On Stories

Why does a good story grab us?  In this HumanTech podcast episode we talk about what happens in your brain when you hear a story, why stories are powerful, and which aspects of stories are the most effective if you want

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Any Cell Phone In The Room Messes With Rapport – (What You Need To Know About People #120)

You are interviewing a candidate for a job in your department. You take your cell phone, turn it to “do not disturb” and place it face down on a side table several feet from where you and the candidate are

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The Science of Listening

How well do we listen? What’s the science behind listening? Can you learn to be a better listener? Find out on this podcast episode on the Science of Listening. Your browser does not support the audio element. HumanTech is a

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Predicting Technology Adoption

Why do people quickly adopt some technologies and take forever to adopt others? In this HumanTech podcast we talk about how to use technology curves to predict technology adoption.   Your browser does not support the audio element.   HumanTech

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Now On Instagram!

Exciting new update from The Team W headquarters: The Brain Lady is now on Instagram! I’ll be posting pictures from my life, links to our HumanTech podcast, and coming soon, a photo contest with give-away prizes. I’d love to hear

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The Brain’s Bonding Chemical: Oxytocin

What makes you feel connected to another person, a team, or even a pet? It’s oxytocin. In this HumanTech podcast episode we talk about the amazing brain chemical that makes you feel loving towards whatever you are with when it gets

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Designing For Everyone: A HumanTech Podcast Interview With Patricia Moore

When she was in her 20s Patricia Moore disguised herself as an 80-year old woman documenting how people, places, and things treat the elderly. She has spent her career since then advocating for universal design. She was a fun and

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How To Create A Habit Forming Product — Guest Nir Eyal

For this HumanTech podcast episode, Nir Eyal joins us for a conversation about how can you develop products that people can’t stop using. Nir takes the research on classical conditioning, operant conditioning, and habits and rolls it all together and then applies

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