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What Would Make An Animated Character Appear “Creepy”?

Have you ever stopped to think about animated characters? With the capabilities of graphics these days it’s possible for an animated character to look just like a real person. And then there are still cartoon characters created that look nothing

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Will 2015 Be The Year Of the Demise Of The Keyboard?

Maybe I’m giving away my age when I say that I’ve been waiting to talk to computers since I was a kid watching Star Trek. Although voice interfaces have been around for a while, until recently they really didn’t work

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Your Brain On Stories

One day, many years ago, when I was early in my career, I found myself in front of a classroom full of people who didn’t want to be there. Their boss had told them they had to attend the class

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365 Ways To Persuade And Motivate: #15-24

For this post I’ve put 10 ways to persuade and motivate altogether in one post! 15. Talk first – Research shows that people like to follow a leader and that the person who talks first when a group gets together

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365 Ways To Persuade And Motivate: #13–Talk to the unconscious

“We want them to type in their email and click on the “Join” button”, was the response from my client as I asked him what was the one action he wanted people to take on his landing page. Good. That

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365 Ways To Persuade And Motivate: #10 Pitch When People Feel Regret

Of all the situations and feelings that motivate people to take action, regret is one of the most powerful. People don’t like to feel regret and will do a lot to avoid it. That’s not surprising, but you might be surprised to find

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365 Ways To Persuade And Motivate: #9 Give Feedback Without Praise

During this series on 365 Ways To Persuade and Motivate I’ve had a few posts about rewards and also some about the desire for mastery. One way to reward people is to give them praise (“Wow, you did a great

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365 Ways to Persuade And Motivate: #8 Use The Right Reward

Since starting to write the last few blog posts on rewards I’ve had some questions on what is a reward. So I thought I’d take this blog to write about what makes a reward a reward and how to pick

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365 Ways To Persuade And Motivate: #7 Give Rewards Unpredictably To Sustain A Behavior

In the last blog post I wrote about using a continuous reinforcement schedule when you want to establish a new behavior. And I hinted that you should change that schedule after the behavior is established. One of the reward “schedules”

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365 Ways To Persuade And Motivate: #6 Reward Every Time To Establish A New Behavior

Rewards are one of the most common ways that people think of to get other people to do stuff. In the talks that I give on the topic I tell people that rewards are actually one of the least effective

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