A Quick Summary of Some Interesting Research

Now that March is here, I thought I’d summarize and link to some great research I found during the last month….

There are gender differences in brain activity when people view something the describe as beautiful. For men it is the right hemisphere that is active, but for women both right and left hemispheres light up. For more information, see:

Humans and mice make the same assessments of risk says Deric Bownds. I believe this gives more proof that decision-making is unconscious. For more information see:

If your product name is long and hard to pronounce the product may be viewed unfamiliar. Things that are seen as unfamiliar are also viewed as risky…maybe too risky. For more information:

I hate those smiley face icons, but a utility company is successfully using them to encourage people to conserve power! For more information:

Smell unconsciously affects your judgments of other people. Even if you don’t notice that there is a scent. for more information:

Have your own favorites of recent research? Let us know….

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  1. I like your last comment about smell. I’m really trying to push the web beyond its current technological capabilities. I believe you can get people to smell things online. I read a blog that talked about opening up a box of crayola crayons, etc. And I swear I could smell them! I’m not so sure I can sell my graphic design services via smell, but a really good description of a cup of coffee might drive me to Dunkin Donuts. Check out my scentless blog about branding and marketing.

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