Chase Makes A Miracle Happen With Persuasive Design Part II

In my last post I talked about the chase blueprint site ( and asked readers to write in with their ideas about why this website is so persuasive. Here’s a summary of what you wrote in:

— The use of the word You frequently (activiates old brain)

— Using attractive people who are “like me” (principles of attractiveness and similarity)

— Use of stories

— Use of animation to grab attention

— Use of trigger words such as “free”

Here’s what I think Chase could be doing to be even more persuasive and engaging:

— The stories are good, but with the use of stories there is a lot of use of “I” rather than “you”. So Chase should consider interspersing the “I” with more “you”.

— Tell me how many people have signed up for blueprint. (Social Validation principle).

— For even more social validation, have more people telling stories rather than just the one couple.

— Using close-ups would be better at least some of the time, so that we can see the person’s face more clearly and closely.

Thanks to everyone who wrote comments and sent in emails!

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