Quick Review of Dan Zarrella's Social Media Marketing Book




I just finished reading Dan Zarrella’s book and it’s good. Small but with lots of info.

Here’s a quick video review and then a text summary follows afterwards:

In the book Dan Zarrella goes through all the different types of social media and how a business or organization can/should use them. I think it’s geared toward the team of people at a large company who are responsible for implementing and maintaining social media marketing for the company, or else a small business owner. I also think usability and user experience people should read it so they understand the big picture of what their internal or external clients are doing.

I’ve been a fan of Dan Zarrella’s blog (www.danzarrella.com) for a long time, so I’ve been looking forward to getting my copy of the book.

Here’s an Amazon Affiliate link to the book if you want more info:


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