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Book Review of Visual Language for Designers



Here is a Quick Review of a new book, Visual Language for Designers by Connie Malamed. First the video and then the text summary:

When I first looked at this book I said “Wow!”. It’s a large book, hardcover, with thick paper and beautiful illustrations, as it should be, since it’s a book on visual design. But looking deeper, the reason that I like this book so much is that it covers the topic of visual design from a psychologist’s point of view, and let’s face it, I’m a pscyhologist and I see everything from a psychologist’s point of view!

The book talks about cognitive psychology principles such as grouping, schema and mental models and then shows how the elements of a visual design change the perception of the image. It’s very specific, and there are lots of examples.

I have to admit that I don’t think this book will make me a visual designer. I’m just not a visual designer. But I believe this book will help me communicate more clearly with visual designers and that’s an important thing.

Whether you are a visual designer or not, I recommend this book for anyone that has an interaction with design. You’ll learn a lot, and the designs you work with will be greatly improved.

And check out Connie Malamed’s blog:

Here’s my Amazon Affiliate link to the book if you want more information:


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