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Design Challenge Part 2



Picture of the current home page of ilovebluesea.com
Current home page of ilovebluesea.com

A few weeks ago I asked my blog readers to help with design ideas for Martin Reed’s Ilovebluesea.com website. (See the earlier post for the design challenge instructions and to listen to a short interview with Martin).

Many of you wrote in via comments to the blog and through email. (Thank you!) Martin wrote up a summary of the suggestions that you made for the Ilovebluesea.com website:

  1. Improve clarity on shipping details – how cost/timeframe/packaging materials all work
  2. Improve the competitive advantage content and make more visible on home page  – perhaps bold words ‘sustainable’, ‘fresh’ ‘quality’
  3. Daily Specials work – leave this alone
  4. Move cart to top right of pages
  5. Sell the newsletter more
  6. Make information on product pages more fun!  More visuals such as location or harvest method.  Perhaps ‘save’ fish with low bycatch, show how many gallons of water you’ve cleaned by ordering oysters, etc.
  7. Increase prominence of FB/twitter/blog – perhaps offer incentives, like discounts, entry in contest, etc for sharing
  8. Remove ‘Home’ from heading tabs
  9. Try using colors that inspire purchasing behavior, ie orange, red
  10. Add categories to home page to start shopping experience
  11. Increase content on product pages.  Perhaps summarize the links on sustainability.
  12. Remove pricing from product titles since it changes
  13. Is there a way to graphically represent how we work (ordering, shipping, less middlemen)?
  14. Calls to action should be contrasting colors

I got back on with Martin to find out which of these suggestions he was going to implement first. Here’s a short audio interview with him I did this week:

2nd Interview with Martin

Thank you to everyone for your ideas, and I’ll let you know when Martin has the new website up for us to look at.


4 responses to “Design Challenge Part 2”

  1. Vivian Avatar

    Looking forward to a revamped ilovebluesea website!

  2. nela Avatar

    didnt have the chance to help! that way of working together inspire me! and every ones ideas can give every reader new ways of thinking!

  3. Nadia Avatar

    Although i didn’t help you, i support many of these suggestions! Looking forward for changed version now.

  4. Lonemimi Avatar

    Nice people come with ideas! Looking forard to see the improvement.



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