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We’re launching in-person, one-day classes starting in December of 2013 (see class list below). If you are interested in hosting a class let us know.

Hosting means that you provide a meeting room (preferably one that holds 50 or more; ideally 100, but we can be flexible), screen projector, microphone, and wifi for all attendees. We take care of all the rest (registrations, course materials, etc). When you host you get 5 free seats to the class and a discount if you want to send any more people.

We are currently interested in finding hosts in these cities (including the general metropolitan area of each city):

  • San Francisco
  • Chicago
  • St. Louis
  • Indianapolis
  • Washington DC

Our first round of classes are: (Details and Registration coming soon)

  • The Science of Persuasive and Engaging Design
  • Don’t Guess: Test! The Why, What, and How of User Testing
  • How to Design Intuitive and Usable Products Through User Research

If you are interested in hosting please contact us: or call 847-909-5946

New In-Person Courses
Red Or Blue?: Research On Screen Color That May Surprise You

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