Creative Market’s 10 Must-Read UX Books

I was thrilled to see that 100 Things Every Designer Needs To Know About People made Creative Market’s  “10 Must-Read UX Books”.

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Check out the book on Amazon if you aren’t familiar with it. Here’s the link to Amazon: 100 Things Every Designer Needs to Know About People. And you may want to go to Creative Market’s list and see how many of the 10 books you’ve read.



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2 Replies to “Creative Market’s 10 Must-Read UX Books”

  1. I subscribed to your mailing list. Then I got very irritated that the images of the book link to . . . the images of the book. And the link to the actual article you are referencing in this blog post is hidden in a tiny link. I get that you don’t want to drive people away from your site, but that was a very irritating experience.

    Congratulations on your book’s recognition though. The instructors in a UX class I recently finished recommended it as well.

    1. Sorry that we annoyed you! I will check into the issues you mention and see if we can fix them. Thanks for alerting us.

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