Attract More Business With Inbound Content Marketing — New Online Video Course

Course IconI’m a huge fan of inbound content marketing. Most major brands use it as well as lots of small and medium sized businesses. We use it in our business. It works.

I taught a semester course at the University of Wisconsin on the topic and now we’ve created an online video course.  This might not be the course for all of you. It’s for people who need to know how to attract more customers, increase revenue, and grow their business.

Inbound content marketing is the proven way to attract customers to you who want and need your products and services. The course includes:

How to use great free content to attract people to your business or organization
How to identify which of your customers will want which content
How to decide what content to offer
How to plan and implement a campaign of targeted content
A step-by-step foolproof process
Tools to use to implement your campaign

The course fee is $45, but we are offering a special promo code for the first 100 people or until April 7, whichever comes first. The promo code will get you the course for only $30. You can find the course at our course site:

and the promo code is: morebus


Let me know if you are interested or if you have any questions.

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