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In this podcast episode we talk with Johan Berndtsson about design and business in Sweden. Johan invites listeners to submit suggestions for speakers for his next “From Business To Buttons Conference” and also invites people to come do design work in Sweden.

Throughout the podcast we refer to videos, give web addesses and so on. Here is the list of links and recommendations from Johan:

Check out Europe’s greatest Business, Service, and UX-design conference, From Business to Buttons at, and the videos from past conferences at . All of them are excellent, but be sure to watch:

  • Jared Spool
  • Mike Monteiro (both talks)
  • Kim Goodwin (both talks)
  • Eric Meyer
  • Golden Krishna
  • Patricia Moore, and of course
  • Susan Weinschenk

Also, if you want to learn more about inUse check us out at, and e-mail if you have questions or if you’re interested in joining.

Further reading:

The story behind the conference:

Thoughts behind UX and Service Design moving out into the physical world:

A template for the Impact Map, our perhaps best tool to connect business goals to user behavior and design:

The history behind the Impact Map ( and how it has evolved over the years (

And… The invitation for designers to come to Sweden:

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