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In this episode of the Human Tech podcast we talk with Cheenu Chari, a UX Researcher from Austin Texas. We talk about how doing UX research on conversations differs from UX research on other interfaces, and even range into questions about whether people want one omnipotent chatbot to talk to or several specialized chatbots. 

For more information, here is some info on where to reach and follow Cheenu:

LinkedIn: Srikant (‘Cheenu’) Chari
Twitter: @minstrelman91
Instagram: @cheenu.chari 
Medium: https://medium.com/@minstrelman91

And here is a link to the the Medium article he mentions in the episode: “Scripts And Schemas and how they apply to Conversational Design”: https://chatbotslife.com/the-scripted-life-what-scripts-and-schemas-can-teach-us-about-designing-conversational-832e21cf2c7d


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