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Are Virtual Meetings Stressing You Out?



These days my workdays often consist of one online meeting after another. Sometimes I have long streams of back to back meetings with less than 30 seconds in between. Sound familiar?

So on a recent call with a client last week I asked if we could all change our meeting settings so that the default is a 50 minute meeting, not a 60 minute meeting. This would give us all time to refill the water bottle, grab a bite to eat, go to the restroom, get up and do some stretching…

I haven’t had any meeting requests for 50 minutes. They are all 30 minutes (and then back to back) or 60 minutes and back to back.

Anyone tried this? Does it work? Does it help? What other ideas have you tried to make these virtual meeting days less stressful and healthier for our mental and physical well being?


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