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Below is a list of our most popular online video courses and in-person workshops. Want to see more? Here’s our Course Catalog for a full list of all of our courses.

Current Online Video Courses:

Design for Engagement Course Logo

Design for Engagement

You’ll learn what you need to know about people, how they think, decide, remember, and what motivates them. You’ll learn how to apply psychology to the design of websites, apps, and products so that they are engaging. Learn more…




Secrets of Intuitive Design Course LogoSecrets of Intuitive & Usable Design: How to Design a Conceptual Model

If you want to design a usable and intuitive website or application then you have to purposely and intentionally design the conceptual model of the user interface. Designing a conceptual model isn’t a mysterious creative process. In this course you will learn a straightforward and powerful process you can use to design a conceptual model that is intuitive and usable. Learn more…

Task Analysis Boot Camp Course LogoTask Analysis Boot Camp: How to Develop and Document a Task Analysis

Creating a task analysis is critical if you want to design a website, application, or product that is intuitive and usable.
In  this course you will learn how to develop and document task analyses and how to use them in your design to be sure
that your product fits the way your audience needs and wants to complete tasks. Learn more…



Personas & Scenarios Course LogoPersonas & Scenarios: How To Develop & Document Personas & Scenarios

If you want to design a website, application, or product that is usable and engaging then you need to know who you are designing for, what they want or need to do, and what you want and need them to do. In this course you will learn how to develop, document and use personas and scenarios. Learn more…

In-Person Workshops:

course icon for What Every Designer Needs to Know About People

What Every Designer Needs To Know About People

If you want to effectively interact with and design for your target audience, then you need a deeper understanding of how people see, read, think, decide, and behave. Based on the popular book, 100 Things Every Designer Needs To Know About People, Dr. Susan Weinschenk teaches this one-day workshop as an intensive, interactive and hands-on exploration of psychology principles that are critical to design. Learn more…



Icon for How To Get People To Do Stuff Workshop

How To Get People To Do Stuff

We all want people to do stuff. Whether you want your customers to buy from you, vendors to give you a good deal, your employees to take more initiative, or your spouse to make dinner—a large amount of everyday is about getting the people around you to do stuff. Instead of using your usual tactics that sometimes work and sometimes don’t, what if you could harness the power of psychology and brain science to motivate people to do the stuff you want them to do – even getting people to want to do the stuff you want them to do. Based on Dr. Weinschenk’s latest book, How To Get People To Do Stuff. Learn more…


Course Icon for What Every Presenter Needs To Know About People

How To Be A Great Presenter

Every day in the world there are millions of presentations. A few are powerful and effective and most are boring. If you understand how people listen, see, learn, think, and react, then you can deliver a presentation that is memorable and persuasive. Whether you are presenting your design ideas to your team, or making recommendations to a client, being able to make a persuasive and skillful presentation is critical to your own professional growth and to the success of your work.  Great presenters craft their presentation based on what the audience already knows and is willing to do. Based on her book, 100 Things Every Presenter Needs To Know About People, in this intensive, interactive, hands-on workshop, Dr. Susan Weinschenk will teach you how to be a great presenter. Learn more…


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