Attract More Business With Inbound Content Marketing — New Online Video Course

Course IconI’m a huge fan of inbound content marketing. Most major brands use it as well as lots of small and medium sized businesses. We use it in our business. It works.

I taught a semester course at the University of Wisconsin on the topic and now we’ve created an online video course.  This might not be the course for all of you. It’s for people who need to know how to attract more customers, increase revenue, and grow their business.

Inbound content marketing is the proven way to attract customers to you who want and need your products and services. The course includes:

How to use great free content to attract people to your business or organization
How to identify which of your customers will want which content
How to decide what content to offer
How to plan and implement a campaign of targeted content
A step-by-step foolproof process
Tools to use to implement your campaign

The course fee is $45, but we are offering a special promo code for the first 100 people or until April 7, whichever comes first. The promo code will get you the course for only $30. You can find the course at our course site:

and the promo code is: morebus


Let me know if you are interested or if you have any questions.

Get A Free Inbound Marketing Strategy Plan

the word FREEThe second part of the title is “And help the next generation of digital marketers learn their craft.”

Do you believe that you could be doing a better job of marketing your business or organization? Have you been hoping to put together a marketing strategy based on the ideas of inbound and content marketing, but you haven’t gotten around to it yet? Or don’t have the time? Or aren’t sure how to do it? You might be a candidate then for a free Inbound Marketing Strategy Plan.

I teach part time as an Adjunct Professor at the University of Wisconsin, Stevens Point in the Web And Digital Media Development program inside the Computing And New Media Technologies department. I just finished my Design For Engagement semester course there, and next semester I’m going to be teaching a course on In Bound Content Marketing.

When I teach at UWSP I like to have the students work on real life case studies. They are juniors and seniors, and some of them work part or full time too. I have found them to be smart and capable. They really like the case studies that we do for clients.

If you would like to apply for us to use your business/organization as one of the case studies here’s what you need to know:

1) The students will start work on the case studies around January 15, and they will work on them through the first week of May.

2) If chosen you will receive a team of two or three students.

3) When your project is done at the end of the semester you will have an inbound content marketing strategy that is customized to you. You will have clear directions of how to proceed, example content pieces, and, depending on what your business/organization is/does, you will likely have some actual content that has been created, and you will have started to implement the strategy.

4) This is an inbound content marketing strategy for your business/organization, so this will take some of your time throughout the semester. You can expect to spend, on average, one hour per week. This will likely vary greatly week to week. Expect more than an hour a week at the beginning. You will need to be available via email, phone, and/or skype as needed for your feedback and initial interviews.

5) There is no charge for this work.

6) You do not have to have any knowledge of inbound content marketing. The students will teach you want you need to know to participate.

7) You must have an existing business/organization. Unfortunately we can’t accept applications from start-ups that haven’t actually started.

8) You must be fluent in English.

9) For-profits, not-for-profits and non-profits, large, medium or small organizations are all welcome to apply.

To apply to be a case study:

Send an email to with the following info:

Your Name

Your Email

Your Physical Location (city, country)

Business/Organization Name

Brief description of your business/organization and your target audience

Brief description of any inbound content marketing you are now doing or have recently done (it is not required that you have done any, but I want to know if you have, and if so, what).

Why you think getting help with an inbound content marketing strategy will help your business/organization.


I hope you will consider applying if you think you fit the criteria!