Case Study: Applying Neuro Web Design to a web site for "Creative Wealth Building"

Nick Pfennigwerth took his old site:

and applied some of the principles in my book Neuro Web Design: What makes them click? Here is what Nick wrote to me:

“What I found most interesting and what I applied the most was activating the old brain. If you go to, , I used your methods for activating the old brain by telling a dangerous story with a picture of danger in the first couple of paragraphs. Then, I used other photos such as the beautiful woman holding money and the creative art of the human mind.

I also tried to activate the mid brain and new brain by making time sensitive offers and “limited time only”. Under the picture of the man mountain climbing, you can see a yellow box with a “jump link” to the bottom of my page. My most wanted response for that page is for my reader to sign-up for my wealth builders club. So, I used your techniques of limited offers, exclusive, and instant.”

The major changes I made:
New color format. I decided to use a blue format to create more of a trusting look and feel
Pictures. I use pictures that have some sex appeal, food, and danger.
I tell more stories. I use story-telling to create images and get people engaged.
I use limited time, exclusive, and time sensitive appeal.
I create solid and practical value.

After reading your book and implemented your ideas, I’ve received extremely positive reviews that I’ve helped others increase their lives and that my website is fun.”

Here is one of his re-designed pages:

You can see Nick’s site at: 

Thanks Nick for sending me your case study!

If you have read the book and applied some of the principles, send me your case study with before and after pages links or screenshots and a list of the changes you made.

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2 Replies to “Case Study: Applying Neuro Web Design to a web site for "Creative Wealth Building"”

  1. Thanks Susan for the Review!
    For those of you who want to see an early, early version of my website before Neuro Web Design, go to

    You should be able to see the major changes. Neuro web design is a must if you want to be an "infopreneur" or in the web-business. I wish I had this book before I started my web business. It would of shaved off years of the learning I went through.

    Of course, for this to work, you must establish and have value. Your value must be the foundation.

    Thanks Again!

    Peace and Love

  2. Susan,

    thank you for your book “Neuro Web Design”. I bought it yesterday and began to read it. Just letting you know that I am liking it. Thanks for the perspective. I actually got B.A. in General Psychology and for me your book makes a lot of sense. Keep writing, keep it going!



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