10 Best Posts of 2009

It’s that time of year — so here is my list of the 10 best posts from my blog in 2009. I chose the 10 that I believe have had the greatest impact/most thought provoking/most interest from my readers.

#1: Dopamine Makes You Addicted to Seeking Information — I thought this was an interesting post when I wrote it, but it surprised me how quickly it took off virally; more than any other post I’ve written!

#2: Eyetracking — 7 Traps to Avoid — Another surprise to me how popular this post was.

#3: 7 Steps to Successful Web Site Redesign — I think Jacek Utko has an important view of the world.

#4: Your Attention is Riveted By Pictures of People — If people knew how important this is I think they’d change the pictures they put at their web site.

#5: Web Site User Experience Anatomy — Not one of my posts, but a guest post by Craig Tomlin, and an interesting way to think about web sites.

#6: What People Look At On A Picture or Screen Depends On What You Say To Them — Another controversial post, but important points I believe.

#7: You Actually Can’t Multi-Task — Interesting research on the reality behind multi-tasking.

#8: Your Unconscious Knows 1st — The hallmark of all my work/writing.

#9: The 11 Best Psychology, Persuasion, and Usability Books You Should Read — I love to read.

#10: 5 Ideas — How to Use Brain Science to Create Persuasive Presentations — Anyone who goes to a conference wishes the speakers would have read this post!

There you have it. Do you agree? Did I pick your favorite posts from the blog?


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