Experimenting With Motivation At Blogs

I’ve been blogging for 1.5 years, although I didn’t really get rolling till about 6 months ago. This was about the time I found Yaro Starak’s wonderful Blog Mastermind training (there’s a link (affiliate) to Yaro and the course in the right sidebar).

Bloggers are an experimental and very social group — One of the things I’ve been amazed at in the last few months as I’ve been taking Yaro’s course is how inventive, experimental, and social bloggers are.

Show the Luv — One of the latest experiments is called Comment Luv. Have you noticed the logo at the bottom of my blogs underneath the comments section? I’m trying out CommentLuv. If you are a blogger yourself, you leave a comment at my blog, and check the CommentLuv box, then CommentLuv will go out to your blog and automatically pull in a link to your latest blog entry and post the link in your comment. The idea is that people will be more motivated to leave a comment at a blog if they know that the link will be shown automatically (most bloggers really want people to come read what they write).

My experiment — So I’m trying it out. Let’s see if my comments increase. Let’s see if these types of incentives work. Are you going to leave a comment?

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