A Five Minute Version of Neuro Web Design

I get wonderful emails from readers of my book, Neuro Web Design: What makes them click. People write me and say how much they loved the book, etc, etc. It’s one of the benefits of writing a book!

A request from a reader — A few days ago I got one of those emails and the author asked if I had any presentations or slides that I could share with him. He was putting together a presentation for his management at work about the concepts in the book.

I procrastinate! — This is a request I get a lot, but I had never gotten around to putting together a Slideshare presentation for example, and uploading it. This is mainly because my talks and presentations are highly visual. I would have to do an audio annotation for the slides to make any sense.

I break the procrastination. On a weekend no less — When I got the email from my reader I decided that it was about time that I give it a whirl, so this weekend found me paring down my usual talk on the topic to a smaller number of slides. Then I donned a set of headphones with a microphone, and started talking.

I get it done in an hour — Slidecast (the part of slideshare where you add audio), was not the most intuitive interface, but it wasn’t too bad. I would say it took me about an hour from start to finish… from deciding on the slides, to recording the audio, and re-recording, and re-recording (in GarageBand), uploading everything and syncing up the slides with the audio (that was the klugy interface part).

See what you think, and give me feedback — It’s not perfect, but it’s a good first try. You can watch and listen below (the embed tool from Slideshare is very easy to use). It’s about 5 minutes in length. I’d love to get feedback from all of you about  this format, whether you think I should do more of these, and what topics I should talk/present about in them. So respond to me via the comments below or drop me an email at weinschenk@gmail.com. And if you don’t have the book yet, then click on one of the links in the sidebar and check it out.


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7 Replies to “A Five Minute Version of Neuro Web Design”

  1. Thank you for this synopsis of your book! I first read Neuro Web Design last summer and found it compelling and sensible. I’m HORRIBLE at summarizing so this synopsis helps me encapsulate some of your concepts to others in a way that they can understand. Thank you!

  2. thanks for the examples. Limiting the number of choices available is also one of the reasons, why we at be2 believe matchmaking works better than dating, where you have a selection of people that actually fit your personality, rather than the unlimited shelf of profiles dating sites usually offer.

  3. Susan, this book is superb. You have done a wonderful job providing concrete examples/suggestions, backed up with background research. This a perfect formula for the folks always wondering “Why?”.

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  5. Great slide, I especially like the slide which shows the 1 left, 2 left etc. I have noticed over the last year or so airlines have started to include this applying it to 1 seat left, 2 seats left and only 3 seats left at this price etc! Clever. I like it!

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