New Blog and Website Design

Picture of new Weinschenk website homepage

You may have noticed that our blog page looks different than usual. That’s because we’ve switched to a new theme. You may or may not have noticed that the menu bar at the blog has also changed. The only link is to the Weinschenk Institute website. We’ve not only changed the blog, but we’ve launched a new website too. We’re in the middle of some user testing of the new site, and the blog, and we’re still iterating the design and the content. We’re up for comments if you have any feedback on either the blog or the website.

The new designs for both the blog and website are “responsive” designs with an emphasis on tablet and small footprint use.

Let us know what you think, either in the comments here, or send me an email:



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5 Replies to “New Blog and Website Design”

  1. Looks really great! Very clean, lots of visual rest.

    Really minor visual nitpicks are typographical things like the line-height on smaller screen sizes (the tagline, for instance, is very crowded when the line breaks), and text going to the edge of the container. The intro text on the videos also seems to get messed up when the screen is a little smaller, but can be pretty easily fixed with (

    Great work to the whole design / frontend team!

  2. The new site is nice and clean and easy to navigate; I wish you nothing but continuing success with it. Please continue to take good care and don’t forget to get a little rest now and then!

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