How To Get People To Do Stuff Workshop

How To Get People To Do Stuff

How To Get People To Do Stuff

Whether you have a product that you want someone to buy, a charity that you want someone to donate to, or a community that you want people to join, getting people to take action means you have to understand the psychology of motivation and behavior. You want people to sign-up, donate, fund a project, clean up, work independently, and/or get along with others. Whether it is a co-worker, employee, or a customer, how do you get people to do stuff? Based on her latest book of the same name, in this one-day, interactive and intensive workshop, Dr Weinschenk teaches about behavioral psychology and how to apply these powerful principles to get people to do stuff.

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About The Course

What You’ll Learn:

How to apply what we know about psychology to persuade people to take specific actions

The latest research on habits, rewards, and motivation.

Do’s and don’ts based on hard research, not just opinion.

What You’ll Do:

This is a hands-on workshop. You will be learning about critical psychology research and then applying it throughout our day. You can use your own situations as a case study, or use one of the class case studies to apply what you learn.


Be more effective in persuading others

Save time and energy when working with others

Get more done in less time

Work  more effectively with other people

Implement decisions that work

Here are all the topics we are going to cover in the workshop:

Creating & Changing Habits
What habits are hard to change and which are easy… How to easily create new habits…How to anchor a new habit to an existing habit…How and why most behavior is habit based

The Carrot & The Stick
How and when to rewards… Why rewarding someone all the time is not the best strategy…Why rewards are more effective than punishment…How to reward people so that their behavior lasts over time

The Need To Belong
How to get people to work harder…Who does the asking as an effect on the answer…How to use reciprocity and concession…The role of imitation to build rapport…How to get something to go viral…How to bond people together…Research on what makes people perceived as the leader…Research on when competition works and when it doesn’t

The Power Of Stories
The research on the why and how of using stories to change behavior…How to use story-editing…How to use story-prompting…How to use self-personas to change behavior…How to get people to commit

Tricks Of The Mind
What happens to motivation when you ask people to think hard… About System 1, fast intuitive thinking….About System 2 effortful thinking…How to use System 1 and System 2 thinking to get people to do stuff…How to circumvent the confirmation bias…How to use the Halo bias…How to use priming and anchoring to influence behavior…How priming with money affects behavior…The effects of repetition…The effects of familiarity…How to get people to react quickly…How to get people to be more analytical

How people are motivated by mastery….The role of autonomy…Research on progression as a motivator

How fear impacts behavior…How the word “you” impacts behavior…How many choices should you provide?…How to get people to participate


Each participant will receive a full workshop manual that contains all the materials used in the class.


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