Secrets of Intuitive Design

Secrets of Intuitive Design:
How to Design a Conceptual Model

If you want to design a usable and intuitive website or application then you have to purposely and intentionally design the conceptual model of the user interface. Designing a conceptual model isn’t a mysterious creative process. In this course you will learn a straightforward and powerful process you can use to design a conceptual model that is intuitive and usable.

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About the Course

Before you design screens or pages you first need to figure out an overall conceptual model, and then use that model to make decisions about the flow of screens, what goes on a particular screen and what the users will be looking at when.  In this course you will learn:

What make or breaks the usability of a design? What is a conceptual model and why it is so critical to usable design…The relationship between conceptual models and mental models… Why conceptual modeling is important to design

Mental Models
What are mental models…The relationship between mental models and conceptual models…A brief review of user research needed to understand the users’ mental models

Conceptual Model Maps
What is a conceptual model map… Deciding on critical user objects…Choosing views of critical user objects…Identifying actions for different objects and views… Documenting your decisions on the maps

Screen Flow Diagrams
Creating a screen flow diagram from the conceptual model…The relationship between map items and actual screens…Next steps after maps

Navigation Models
Why navigation is so important to intuitive design…How to use card sorting & tree testing to design your navigational model…Visual and cognitive cues for navigation…

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